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This book was written after a lifelong search to find the reason that minds occasionally speak to other minds.  Research, led to a different way looking at genetics, which then unravelled the miss-beliefs in consciousness, the paranormal, evolution, and the transmigration of souls (reincarnation).         Chapter summaries follow:

A general outline is given showing that DNA is merely a unique personal code and not a book of instructions.  All life relies on there being a carrier of information for biological growth and mind-to-mind transmission.

1  An Introduction
This details the unresolved problems of biology that stem from the false idea that DNA is a book of instructions.  The book puts forward a theory that all life continues by copying its parents which then suggests answers to other scientific uncertainties.

2  The Things that Don’t Make Sense 
A list of absurd scientific difficulties and anomalies are given which are all satisfactorily addressed later in the book.

3  The Wonders of Biology 
A study of DNA, cells, and the process of growth shows that all life relies on copying the species and family, where DNA is each individual’s unique code.  The evidence is that every living cell contains transmitting and receiving apparatus (microtubules) which is a new core theory for biology.

4  Brain-sharing Telepathy 
This can be spontaneous, from a dream or when awake, and in a dreamy trance state of mind.  It can also be deliberately sought for example guessing who is calling before answering the phone.  A scientific procedure (the Ganzfeld) is the most reliable method. But spirit mediums can deliberately reach the successful mental state.

5  It’s the Planets 
Two independent scientific reports lead to the significant conclusion that the carrier of life’s information comes from planets.  It’s not electromagnetic, but a quantum emission of spinning particles.

6  The Philosophy of Consciousness
How our brain and mind are formed is deemed a mystery but the new theory suggests it is copied in the same way as other bodily organs.

7  The Spooky List
The relationship of the dream state and meditation is examined and how it is associated with mind to mind, healing, mediumship and the mystical experience.  This leads to the suggestion Paranormal is Normal.

8  The More you Look the More you See
But an understanding is given for hauntings, dowsing, oneness, metal bending and reincarnation.

9  Evolution and Inheritance
The new theory explains inheritance which in turn gives explanation to the diversity of life and its evolution.

10 Discussion

The new theory explains inheritance which in turn gives explanation to the diversity of life and its evolution.


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