Bullsh@t or Brilliance?

14th August 2020

I’ve written this blog to illustrate the type of challenges I am facing when introducing the concepts contained within ‘Making Sense of Life: Explaining Genes and Telepathy’.

I was invited to be interviewed by Rob McConnell on The X Zone radio show in July as I had previously had a conversation with him a few years ago about a different version of this book. The idea was that I would be chatting about the psychology of the paranormal. 

Rob McConnell – Host of the The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show

As soon as we started talking about biology, I explained that my new theory changes the science of biology, which has been wrong for 75 years. The impression I was given was that the interviewer didn’t believe me as he felt that scientists have been right for 75 years and that I must be an idiot, although in fairness he didn’t actually use that word while he was speaking with me. Instead he said that “surely somebody like yourself with no training in biology cannot correct all the biologists?”.  I replied that around 10% of biologists are, in fact, truly understanding of the fact that there’s something wrong with the theory of DNA and how it really works.

The standard theory is that DNA is like a book of instructions, but they know that the basic idea is flawed; they don’t know how DNA works because it clearly controls life. There must be some other way in which DNA controls life, some other way that the looks of the mother and father are duplicated in the child.

He had said in the interview that he thought my theory must be wrong because all the biologists in the world must be right, which is the standard scientific attitude towards people with new ideas. He asked what my thoughts were regarding reincarnation. Reincarnation, according to my theory, is easily explainable. I use those words because the evidence for reincarnation shows that the child in the womb connects telepathically with somebody other than its parents who have similar DNA. That link goes on for several years after the child is born.

The evidence is incorrectly read as a rebirth or transmigration of souls, which is the technical word that’s used, but it’s not. I believe it is just due to the normal inheritance system, whereby a child inherits big ears from its father or blue eyes from his mother. It can inherit information from somebody other than its parents with a similar DNA. And that is, to my mind, the evidence. 

One of the interesting aspects of this is that there are many more cases of reincarnation in Asia, where for generations there has been a fairly static population so all the DNAs tend to be similar.  In Europe, we are all a mix of different races in different areas of Europe which has been going on for hundreds of years; so, our DNA is mixed up.  

 At this point, the interviewer simply terminated the interview! It couldn’t have been a technical fault because he would have tried contacting me again. I heard nothing from him until I discovered that the podcast had been published along with a very scathing commentary added to the end, and that he found my theoryX ‘bullshit’!

Okay, the interviewer was obviously a believer in reincarnation, that whole psychic aspect is what his broadcasts are based on but he just didn’t like the idea that I’ve got my overall theory explaining DNA, he just couldn’t deal with it. I’ve learned to accept that that’s what people do – they dismiss it.

I’ve had other instances of this, not just the reincarnation link, but my whole theory. A big part of this is because I am linking the scientific to the spiritual. Scientific people are programmed to believe that psychic things, the paranormal is false news. It’s all make-believe based on false evidence from the imagination and scientists think that way because they can’t prove it.         

Co-incidentally, at the time I was finding out about the broadcast, I heard from someone who had been telling a friend about my book. The friend had said that they absolutely believed in the reincarnation theory as it had manifested in their daughter. While she was pregnant, her grandmother , who she was very close to, had died and she is convinced that her unborn child took on attributes from the grandmother that could not be explained any other way; from puffy hands and certain mannerisms and ways of speaking that could not have been copied or inherited from anyone else. 

Hearing this was music to my ears, as you can imagine, and helped mitigate the ‘bullshit’ comment from my offensive interviewer!

This is the transcript of his comments at the end of the podcast:

Rob McConnell’s Rant –  broadcasted 22nd July 2020

And I want to thank you so much for joining us tonight, it’s been a rather unique, strange, baffling hour.  I don’t believe one bit of it.  I’ll stick my hat in the arena with 90 per cent of the scientists, biologists and geneticists who think you are making sacks.

Man – your theories have more holes in them than a piece of cheese in a fridge.  I’m sorry I cannot buy it, especially the last part where you were telling me that information from a person can be transmitted to a fetus in the mother’s womb when the child in the womb is six months old and over.

Man – what do you smoke?  I’ve heard ridiculous things in my time but I’ll tell you something, your theory is up there; your theories are up there, and no wonder the editor of the magazine had the balls enough to publish an article about your book and your theories.  And 90 per cent of scientists disagree with you, 10 per cent of fringe agree with you, and nobody who read the article agrees with you, except the editor.

Man – if that doesn’t tell you you’re talking about a load of bullshit,  nothing else will.

 I’ll be back on the other side of this commercial break as we continue here from our XZone broadcast studios in Niagara Ontario Canada.  To my producer and master control, Craig, get the crew in here, there’s more bullshit here then there is in most bull farms.



Challenging the theory of how life develops

A bold, thought-provoking, and some might say controversial, book that unravels the mysteries of genes and telepathy with a revolutionary solution to the problems of biology and the enigma of life has been published.

Author Richard Alabone draws on his life-long interest in the paranormal and science, and suggests that psychic experiences are inextricably linked to the fundamentals of life and biology. Each chapter on Making Sense of Life: Explaining Genes & Telepathy reveals new and plausible ideas, ingeniously merging the fields of science with the paranormal. Embracing new strands of thought, the book puzzles out everything from evolution and human growth to telepathy, spiritualism, ghosts and reincarnation.

Biologists are faced with the awkward conundrum that DNA is not a book of instructions but a personal identity code enabling direct copying from parents to children. Comparing DNA to a phone number, Making Sense of Life suggests life is merely a perpetual copying machine, replicating the parents by copying personality, internal organs, the brain’s operating system and instinctive behaviour.

Alabone explains: “Science has not explained how information flows within the body, let alone between bodies.  The answer is microtubules that are in every living cell, which transmit and receive information by quantum biology.  DNA is only an identity code which is the key to copying the previous generations. This then shows us how heredity works, which has been the problem with the theory of evolution.”

The book makes sense of the mysteries surrounding our biology and the inexplicable world of the paranormal. It diligently deciphers the integration of the philosophy of biology, genes and DNA, telepathy, inheritance and evolution by proposing a new core theory of biology.  It is a revolution for scientific thinkers and philosophers which will alter theories of consciousness and evolution forever: Surely the science in all these areas will never be the same again.

Making Sense of Life: Explaining Genes & Telepathy is available on Amazon or via the authors website



Media contact

Richard Alabone

01245 259 288


Editors Notes

Richard Alabone has been studying psychic experiences for more than 60 years. A member of the Society for Psychical Research and the Scientific and Medical Network, he is retired from a career as a research and development engineer on radar, film and television equipment. He has several patents to his name and also spent nine years as a Civil Service technical manager. During 40 broadcasts, entitled Paranormal is Normal, he spoke to many interesting people who experienced the psychic side of life. Making Sense of Life: Explaining Genes & Telepathy is his second book.


BOOK REVIEW       Making Sense of Life

Paradigm Explorer   The magazine of the Scientific and Medical Network

 No 130   2019/2  p68

“The content of the book is stimulating, informed and wide ranging in terms of its discussion of evidence that a paradigm shift is required in biology and psychology…”


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