In this series of podcasts called Paranormal is Normal, I explore the world of the Paranormal and its powerful effect on our lives, and speak with respected figures about their experiences and findings in addition to my own reflections and knowledge.

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Paranormal Is Normal

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1   Paranormal is Normal – Science is deluded regarding the Paranormal  with Rupert Sheldrake about his book The Science Delusion.

2   Paranormal is Normal – Ghosts in the city are Normal   with a guide to the ghost tours of Prague.

3   Paranormal is Normal – Some Astrology cannot be Denied   how can Gauquelin’s work on astrology relate to the paranormal?

4   Paranormal is Normal – A transplant heart carriers lifestyle characteristics.  The evidence of the occasional influence of heart transplants.

5   Paranormal is Normal – Quantum Science and Angels that Heal        with the editor of Quantum Angel Healing with her experience of healing.

6   Paranormal is Normal – Stage Hypnosis Shows are great entertainment         with a member of the Federation of the Ethical Stage Hypnotists.

7   Paranormal is Normal – Praying is Normal; even Praying in Tongues.        With a church minister about speaking in tongues and healing.

8   Paranormal is Normal – The Art of Dowsing is like Magic – but quite Normal         with a retired president of the American Society of Dowsers about his experiences and thoughts on dowsing.

9   Paranormal is Normal – Trance and Mental Illness   with a well-known therapist who has organised the training of 200,000 British therapists.

10   Paranormal is Normal – It’s NOT a Mystery. So how can the Paranormal be Understood    my thoughts on how and why the 90 different paranormal experiences are part of life.

11   Paranormal is Normal – Remote Viewing – How is it Done?   With Gwyn Hocking who explains how some people can ‘see’ remotely with the power of the mind.

12   Paranormal is Normal – End of Life Experiences: or NDE’s    with Peter Fenwick who has studied and written about Near Death Experiences [NDE’s]

13   Paranormal is Normal – Traditional Oriental Reiki      with Guido Terzaghi who has explained the spiritual and paranormal side of Reiki.

14   Paranormal is Normal – Unconscious Connecting – or Telepathy    with a teacher of autistic children about non-verbal communication.

15   Paranormal is Normal – Talking to a Medium with the gift of Healing and Spiritual Surgery    with a spirit medium talking about spiritual healing.

16   Paranormal is Normal – Training with a Mind Mirror, to achieve altered states of consciousness    with Judith Pennington who trains people to use a special EEG.

17   Paranormal is Normal – Past Life Therapy hypnosis is used to regress, to find how a previous life might affect mental and physical health in this life.

18   Paranormal is Normal – Lucid Dreaming:- Awake when Asleep.   With a Lucid dreamer who was studied by Stanford Sleep Laboratory

19   Paranormal is Normal – A Psychic is able to act in Many Ways.     With a psychic who has worked in various areas of the paranormal.

20   Paranormal is Normal – Floatation Tanks –the way to deep meditation       how deep trance can be achieved.

21   Paranormal is Normal – Healing is perfectly Normal and we begin to know why     with the Chairman of the Confederation of Healing Organisations about many aspects of healing.

22   Paranormal is Normal – Helping People learn to Heal Themselves     with the author of Empowered Healing about the power of hypnotherapy, trance, Reiki,and spiritual healing.

23   Paranormal is Normal – Medium of the century: from Brazil.   About Chico Xavier, who used automatic writing for healing and other psychic powers.

24   Paranormal is Normal – These machines aid Meditation and train Psychic Ability       with the MD of Meditations Ltd whose machines use light and sound for deep trance training.

25   Paranormal is Normal – The Artistic Sleepwalker – Lee Hadwin       my guest makes amazing drawings unconsciously when asleep. Some have been sold for charities.

26   Paranormal is Normal – Even a Scientist and Business Executive can be Psychic.     Since her retirement Jude Currivan has travelled the world and written about her own experiences as well as many others she has met.

27   Paranormal is Normal – The many different Forms of Healing. Are they all the same?     Phil Young has studied and practiced many different forms of healing; but healing is healing.

28   Paranormal is Normal – The Science, and understanding, of Twin Telepathy      the details revealed.

29   Paranormal is Normal – Can Trance and Telepathy explain ALL ?      Are all psychic abilities the result of a natural part of life?

30   Paranormal is Normal – Exploring the power of Healing and Reiki       with Aram Kong who uses acupuncture and speaks of its uses.

31   Paranormal is Normal – It seems that UFO’s are everywhere – but what are they really?       With an ex-colleague of mine, who is heavily involved in the British UFO Research Association

32   Paranormal is Normal – Spiritualism is Normal. But let’s look at the detail.      With a Minister and Director of the Spiritualist National Union

33   Paranormal is Normal – Clairvoyance is considered impossible but, for a few, it is normal     with a personal friend who has had to live with the amazing effects of clairvoyance.

34    Why do Folks hear music when someone is Dying ? Near Death Experience and music.     A study of the emotional effects of death.

35   Paranormal is Normal – A million People Hypnotized from CD’s       with a top hypnotist with extensive experience of hypnotic therapy who produces CDs for self-use.

36   Paranormal is Normal – Yes: but all too often it’s faked.       My thoughts on the reasons.

37   Paranormal is Normal – Origin of Dreams and trance            with the author whose work has revealed the science of why we dream.

38   Paranormal is Normal – I Believe in Ghosts    with the author of Psychic Quest which is an in-depth study of ghosts and hauntings.

39   Paranormal is Normal – Hypnosis really works   with a hypnotist about the how and why of his work.

40   Paranormal is Normal – Animal Telepathy    with Rupert Sheldrake about his book detailing human and animal telepathy.


Throughout the broadcasts I use the word telepathy to mean several things, whereas the words  ‘brain sharing’ would have been more applicable.

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